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PAWS Preschool

At PAWS we take play very seriously. It is the cornerstone of everything we do and how our children learn.

We value fun and the freedom to be ourselves, amongst friends.

Breakfast club

Breakfast club makes life a little easier. Some fun and food before school, and a chance to start the day your own way.


At preschool, every day brings something new. Breakfast club is over, our little ones throw off their coats, and preschool comes alive.

Afterschool club

As part of our wraparound care, we want to provide a home from home – until it really is time to go home.

Approach to learning

Our play based learning allows children to practise new ideas and skills, take risks, show imagination and solve problems by themselves or working together.

PAWS the charity

Our charity status reflects our ethos and ways of working. Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to drive the development of PAWS and help reach our goals.

PAWS in the community

We teach what it means to be part of a community and to work with and help our neighbours. As a result, PAWS is a warm, welcoming environment at the heart of village life.


Every child who joins us brings something to PAWS. All our children are supported to reach their potential. Together we all learn and grow stronger.

What makes PAWS

More to PAWS than meets the eye

At PAWS we want to help make your day work for you. We are part of the school, part of our community, and part of our families daily lives.

Our venue is unassuming, but we deliver our aims with passion and judge our success by the progress of our children.

Artist: Sophie, age 4

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