About Us

We take play very seriously

About PAWS

Every day is an adventure

At PAWS we take play very seriously. It is the cornerstone of everything we do and how our children learn.

We value fun and the freedom to be ourselves, amongst friends.

We think of our staff as the scaffolding that supports your growing child. All children are different, so the structure we build around each child is unique and stays in place for as long as they need it. Our job is to show them everyone has unique qualities and will succeed in their own way.

About PAWS

Open green spaces

Our children learn early that they and their peers are without exception worthy of respect – little minds full of self-worth.

PAWS might be small but we are broadminded. We explore life and culture through music literature, dance, exercise and food. We teach children about the world, as well as what’s on their doorstep.

And what a doorstep – open green spaces and beautiful countryside. We get our boots muddy as often as we can.

With a quick hop over to our primary school, our children frequently get a sneak peek into what big school has to offer. We know and love our village too and often work together.

Please talk to us to find out more – the kettle is always on.


PAWS Manager

Exploring life and culture through music, literature, dance, exercise and food.

Setting and location

Where we live and learn

A beautiful village, a classroom outdoors, and a world of adventure inside. Find out more about our facilities and where we call home.

Our vision

For all our children, a strong mind, a happy heart, and a spirit of adventure.