World Ocean Day

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Yesterday was World Ocean Day and we had lots of fun exploring sea life and thinking about how we can protect our oceans. The children came up with many great suggestions such as using reusable water bottles, organise a litter pick and do not litter!

Here at PAWS we are committed to protecting our oceans and reducing plastic waste. We have recently switched from plastic dispenser soap to bars of soap that are bought in plastic free packaging.

Why not make a pledge to reduce your single use plastic today?


We shared some ‘jaw-some’ books with Bruce the Shark
We splashed around in the water tray with some of our favorite ocean dwelling friends
An excellent message in this fabulous drawing by Alice during breakfast club
I love Emily’s octopus with her cheeky turtle friend!
Some fabulous art work from Phoebe – a shark with some jellyfish and a sea snake

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